S4Vision - Grocery Store Operations Assistant

Make informed business decisions from real-time reporting and analytics right off your tablet, or phone!

Chain, Store, Department and Item Sales Metrics

Examine how your product mix is performing with easy to see trends and metrics.

Cashier KPI's

View a list of cashiers that are currently exposing you to unnecessary risks.

Year Over Year Trend Analysis

Newly expanded trend analysis to compare current year to available prior years.

Item Movement History

Item level lookup to help with shelf resets, competitive markets and vendor buying.

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  • Trends by Chain or Stores
  • Total Sales
  • Customer Count
  • Items Sold
  • Basket Sales Size
  • Items per Transaction
  • Average Retail
  • Department Sales and Drill Down
  • Cashier Key Performance Indicator Alerts
  • Cashier Engagement

Frequently Asked Questions

Grocery Stores with modern point-of-sale systems are data rich - tens of thousands of records a day, but how can you manage what you can’t see? Data is useless if it doesn’t help you make clear and meaningful decisions in a timely manner. S4Vision is an easy to use, Software-as-a-Service data accumulation, analysis, and action tool that gives you access to real-time reporting and analytics updated every fifteen minutes to your tablet or phone!

S4Vision connects you directly to your data, giving high-level summaries of trends and performance, with detailed drill-down whenever and wherever you need it. Think of it as a supermarket operations assistant with you at all times!

  • Chain and Store near real time Sales and Trends
  • Other sales metrics like: Customer Count, Basket Size, Average Retail, Items per Basket
  • End of Day sales projection and customer counts
  • Department drill down and Department to Store Trend analysis
  • Cashier Loss Prevention, Rankings and Performance
  • Cashier Engagement
  • Statistically generated, KPI exception-based Cashier Alerts
  • Scan or key items for product info, category ranking, product voids in other stores
  • Self Check out metrics and monitoring
  • New – compare Sales trends from 2020 (COVID) or 2019 (Traditional Retail Year) *providing TLog data is available

You may be able to acquire some information at your POS but it would not be actionable as you would need to wait until the next day to get some of the information. It would take a part time employee to accumulate and build an action plan. This would be expensive, and not timely information. No POS to date has native ability to monitor cashier activity in real time. There are other 3rd party Loss Prevention/Shrink programs that are weekly and cost more and do less than S4Vision.

You may be able to go to your office and start to print out several sales reports to begin the process of trending last week’s sales by departments in a couple labor intensive hours. With S4Vision you can focus on problem store sales and operations, or underperforming departments with several sales metrics while keeping an eye on proper staffing levels and real-time alerts to all kinds of cashier activity conveniently delivered to your phone.

Think about being able to review yesterday’s business before you have your first cup of coffee and take action to quickly adjust to retail conditions in problem areas for the upcoming day. Having real-time cashier alerts allows you to focus on your business while S4Vision monitors all sorts of key performance indicators for you. Feel in control with immediate information available to you wherever you are. Anything less is guessing! Lastly, share information with your key personnel (Owners, Store Manager, Meat, Produce, Center Store, Dairy, Deli, and even Loss Prevention) at your store and head office as S4Vision can have unlimited company users for the same cost, bringing the cost to cents a day per user. That’s efficient!

Yes, the data is being read real-time from your POS and accumulated in 15-minute updates. By the time it computes and delivers that content it may be 20 to 35 minutes until it arrives but you will be getting a new update every 15 minutes.

You will receive a confirmation email and a representative will be contacting you within 1 to 2 business days to provide the necessary firewall settings and set up the Store Agent for S4Vision. S4 will then review the customer’s data regarding the department structures and the department groups to be included for store sales. Once approved, S4 will generate the available back history and provision the customers S4Vision instance and then send out a welcome email. Typically, the onboarding process takes around 10 business days.