Grocery Self-Checkout Systems

Grocery Self-Checkout Systems

NCR SelfServ Checkout is a flexible, efficient way to improve operations and enhance the shopping experience.

NCR SelfServ Checkout allows customers to scan, bag and pay for items on their own, while an associate monitors from a station nearby to help ensure a positive experience. The new generation solution features a refined, stylized design with store and lane reconfiguration capability.

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Offer Speed, Simplicity & Convenience

Make the checkout experience easy and quick for your busy, on-the-go shoppers.

Utilize Multiple Checkout Options for More Flexibility

Easily switch between self-service and cashier-assisted modes during peak periods to help increase throughput.

Improve Store Operations & Service

Dedicate more of associates’ time to supporting and serving shoppers by reducing the need for one-lane cashiers.

Self-Checkout with Computer Vision Adjacencies

Increase throughput at the front end and
reallocate your associates to higher-impact customer service tasks.

  • Broadest range of supported POS systems worldwide (more than 170 types).
  • Wide array of customized configuration options.
  • Innovative security capabilities using computer vision and artificial intelligence.
  • Full range of services including 24x7x365 support, Project Management, Deployment, Business Consulting, and Installation.
  • Remote attendant station with traditional register capabilities.

Self-Checkout Customer Interview

How one Independent Grocer has reacted to the changing demographics and technology in the grocery industry. We discovered there are 3 common pain points independent grocers are working to solve today:

  • Trouble with Employee Turnover and Hiring
  • Changing Demographics and Technology
  • Customer Service

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