eCommerce for Grocery and Retail Stores

eCommerce for Grocery and Retail Stores

Maintain control of your eCommerce experience, achieve profitability, and satisfy customer demand

RDS provides a retailer-branded eCommerce grocery technology solution that enables click & collect, home delivery, plan & shop activities, and mobile self-checkout. Contact us today to get started on adding eCommerce to your retail technology.

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Branded eCommerce

Provide your customers the convenience they’re seeking by enabling quick and easy ordering from any device. Give your customers a familiar shopping experience with a retailer branded layout.

Mobile Self-Checkout

Customers scan products and pay for their in-store purchase from their phone. Sell more by offering digital coupons, discounted items, shopping lists, and product location searching.

Fulfillment App

Enable store level staff to fulfill eCommerce orders accurately and efficiently in any store environment. Ensure operational efficiency for in-store order fulfillment and local delivery.

Comprehensive Management Hub

Effortlessly manage your eCommerce business with digital merchandising, marketing, and analytics tools. Access critical data and insights using customizable reports. Ensure that store level staff can manage day-to-day operations efficiently.

Incorporate the growing demand for online shopping into your business with S4 eXchange. S4 eXchange keeps your store financial processes, including scan data programs, in sync and provides you with identifiable reporting to help you measure omni channel forms of shopping. Delivery, Scan and Go, and Curbside Pickup are all options S4 eXchange can integrate your POS System with your eCommerce platform.

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