Online Ordering for Restaurants

Online Ordering for Restaurants

FREE 90 Day Offer for Online Ordering

Retail Data Systems has a rapid response plan to get Online Ordering up and running in your restaurant. Changing your current POS System is not required and there is no obligation to continue beyond 90 days.

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Included With Software - NO Additional Cost

Mobile Ordering is part of Heartland Restaurant’s powerful features, at no additional cost. Your customers can order directly from your site to eliminate paying middlemen on every order.

Carry Out and Delivery

Customers have the ability to choose if they would like to pick up their food or have it delivered. Restaurants are able to set up minimum and maximum order settings, set up delivery zones with fees, and set up automated schedules.

Future Date Ordering

Restaurant owners are able to choose how many future days are allowed for online orders and set lead times on orders. Orders show up directly to the kitchen and the iPad making it easy to know when a new order has been placed.

No Website Required

Your online website is hosted on Heartland's Servers. We provide you with a link that you can add to your existing website or associate with an online ordering button on your Facebook page.

Email Marketing Opt-In

Customers can sign up to receive emails from your restaurant directly from your online ordering website. An email confirmation will also be sent to the users listed after an order is placed.

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What's the catch?

There is no catch! We provide your restaurant with Online Ordering, Text Messaging, and Delivery Management free for 90 days with no obligation to continue after. There are no software, hosting, or cancelation fees. You only need an iPad and use Heartland processing on all online orders.

How do customers pay?

Online orders require your customers to checkout and pay by credit card, then orders appear in the restaurant on the iPad.

What if I don't want to switch to Heartland processing?

You are not required to change processing on your current POS System. During this promotion, only the orders from your free Heartland Restaurant Online Ordering website are processed by Heartland Payments. Standard processing rates apply.

What happens at the end of the 90 days?

You will be messaged when 30 days remain and 15 days remain. On the final day a message will be sent stating that if you don’t convert the account to a standard plan, it will be deactivated in 7 days.

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