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The Most Secure Restaurant Environment Using TransArmor on Aloha POS

RedRossa Napoli Pizza is no longer just serving delicious wood-fired pizza with fresh ingredients and delightful salads complemented by gelato to top off a wonderful experience. Their customers can be assured that along with a superb meal, doing business with RedRossa Napoli Pizza is the safest credit card processing deployment in the history of the Aloha POS platform to date.

What did RedRossa Napoli Pizza gain from deploying TransArmor on Aloha?


End-to-end encryption and tokenization from RDS using TransArmor is the most innovative and powerful security solution for the Aloha POS ever!

If you remove credit card information from your store, intruders who attempt to steal credit card information only discover worthless encrypted data.


TransArmor enables powerful, secure encryption while card data is in motion, and tokenization while it is stored at First Data while deploying EMV ready devices.

In October 2015, merchants will be primarily liable for card fraud if they have the weakest security and/or if they can't read chip cards in their POS environment. The financial risk could put you out of business.


PCI SAQ compliance reporting shifts from an SAQ - D, to an SAQ - C.

Rather than answering over 137 security questions, or, paying a third party service to do so on an SAQ - D, qualify to use a SAQ - C with only 12 short sections, several which are answered (N/A) not applicable because you removed card data from your store.


Tokenization is a new way that allows you to use a credit card without exposing credit card information.

Using TransArmor Tokenization, you can use a sequence of numbers generated by First Data called a token, issued when a customer makes a purchase with a credit card at your store. The token issued from the initial purchase can be substituted for future purchases by the same card holder, ONLY AT YOUR BUSINESS! Customers can DO MORE BUSINESS WITH YOUR STORE WHILE MAINTAINING THE ULTIMATE SECURITY!

Benefits of RDS Payment Services

  • 24/7 helpdesk and concierge level service out of our office in Marietta, GA which maintains extreme levels of POS expertise, working alongside POS experts, to benefit your problem resolution and solve for better service to our customers.
  • Averaging 99.99% authorization system uptime with the solutions provided.
  • Direct connection with First Data and WorldPay for competitive pricing, and solution choice that fits your business
  • Offering PCI monitoring tools, and, end to end tokenization and encryption expertise as it pertains to the specific POS solution you purchase from RDS.
  • Support for implementation and training with regards to startup, ongoing, and complex issue resolution for credit cards, devices, POS processing procedures, etc.